Red Light Body Contouring in Rochester NY

  • You can lose inches, target stubborn trouble spots and eliminate pesky cellulite. No pain or downtime and not a minute of exercise required.
  • Red Light Contour is your shortcut to fast results naturally. Measurable results in just your first session. No needles, scalpels or frostbite required. Just relaxing sessions that melt the inches away.
  • If you want tighter skin, less inflammation and a healthier waistline, but don't want to wait or take the chance on cosmetic surgery then red light body contour is the natural solution for you! Fast results, no downtime and no risks.

Do you struggle with trouble spots no matter how much weight you lose? We all have areas that bother us. You can exercise and eat well but sometimes it seems like they just don't budge. Red light contour works with your body to open the fat cell and allows your body to naturally flush areas of stubborn fat and unsightly cellulite. See for yourself why we are able to guarantee measurable results in just your first session!

If you want lasting body contour results without the wait, pain/downtime or risks then red light contour is for you.

The unique natural or red light therapy works with your body to:

Tightens loose skin and reduces fine lines
Eliminate cellulite
Target trouble spots
Stimulates collagen production
All done non-invasively, with no downtime and no pain. Measurable results in your first treatment (or your money back).

Eliminate unsightly cellulite, smooth and shape areas that exercise or diet haven't been able to reach. Tone and tighten skin by encouraging the body to produce new collagen where you need it. If you want to make a change now, but don't want the risks, downtime and expense of going under the knife via cosmetic surgery or dealing with the needles and temporary results from injectables then our red light body contour service is what you've been searching for!

We all have areas of the body that we'd like to look or feel different.

Whether it's your abdominal region that could use some attention after a recent weight loss or pregnancy, your glutes or thighs that could use a little extra tone & shaping or you have stubborn 'bumps' or cellulite that need to go - we have a solution for you!

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No, because we use a device that works with your body instead of relying on needles to inject fillers or toxins into the body there’s no pain and no side-effects to be concerned about with our body contouring services. 

Many of the other common contour services available today work by KILLING cells in the body.  Because we are always looking for natural solutions for our clients our approach creates change through means that are more congruent with the body.  Depending on the type of treatment you receive we may help your body to release stored fat from the areas of concern, then your lymphatic system picks up the unwanted fat and it’s eliminated from your body naturally.  If you opt for services more focused on wrinkle reduction and smoothing of fine lines, we’ll be making those changes through carefully and specifically encouraging the body to regenerate collagen which is responsible for that youthful appearance we all want. 

The healing produced through treatments is permanent, but that doesn’t mean follow up treatments are important.  Because we are constantly fighting age and environment it’s generally recommended that you receive one follow up treatment every 3-6 months to maintain best results. 

Treatment duration is dependent on the area(s) you decide to work on.  Most clients usually start with between 4-8 sessions.  Typically, sessions could last anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour.  It’s easy to get started.  One of our staff will discuss your goals and together you’ll built a set of treatments that best fit your needs! 

Because of the technology our device is based on we work with all skin types!

For skin tightening: face, neck, eyes, forehead, body, stretch marks and hands.

For body contouring: abdomen, buttocks, thighs, arms, and back.

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1st Treatment With one-on-one consultation is just $59 ($200 value)

Availability is limited - book today and save over 70% off your first session. Measurable results guaranteed in just one session.