Weight Loss Can Save You Money

weight loss can save you money

When a lot of people talk about their reason for losing weight it usually has something to do with their physical appearance or better overall health. While both of these are valid reasons for wanting to lose weight there is another often overlooked benefit and that is saving money. Weight loss in Rochester can also provide a financial benefit.

How Weight Loss Can Save You Money in Rochester

As of 2016, roughly 40% or over 93 million people in the US were considered to be obese. This portion of the population is subjected to a much higher risk of obesity-related conditions such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke and certain types of cancer. The cost associated with these preventable diseases was $147 billion or over $1400 per person each year due to an increased number of doctors visits and prescription medications.

You are also hit with hidden, indirect costs, too. Consider your life insurance premiums if you aren’t purchasing through a group plan. You are usually required to complete a physical exam before a policy is issued and some life insurance companies look directly at your Body Mass Index, or BMI. If it is out of what is considered to be a normal range you will pay what is know as a lifestyle surcharge on top of the normal premium.

Professional Opportunities

Studies have also been done in the workplace regarding your weight and how it impacts your wages. A professor at Rutgers University, Barbara O’Neill, stated that “discrimination based on weight in the work place is more prevalent for women than men, especially white women in professional occupations.” It’s shocking to think that you may be passed over for a promotion or wage increase due to being overweight but the data supports that this happens regularly.

If improving your overall health and/or physical appearance aren’t motivation enough, maybe the financial burden that being overweight places on you will provide the extra motivation that you need to get started. Don’t wait…the right time to begin your journey is NOW! Our fat loss system has been proven to be more cost effective, per pound, and the biggest weight loss programs out there today. Our team at Restoration Wellness - Rochester is here to help, so call today.


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