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Do you feel your current health situation needs a different perspective?

Do you want to to address your health challenge(s)

without a drug first approach?

Are you ready to find real answers with functional laboratory testing and say goodbye to typical symptoms treating?

Are you motivated to learn how to support true health in your body instead of being stuck on a growing list of prescription drugs?

Does it seem like you're trapped inside a body that isn't working right, but traditional testing and doctors can't give you real answers? Are you tired of being told to take more pills that only hide the problem instead of knowing why your body is out of balance? Do you want to get well and at the same time learn how to stay well instead of being stuck out of control? If you're still reading and saying yes (or maybe) then functional medicine could be what you've been looking for…

Is Functional Medicine for you?

If you have a health challenge you'd like to see truly changed. If you want answers and would like to understand why your body is doing what it's doing. If you're tired of surface level symptom treating If you've tried conventional medicine but still don't feel much different. If you want to be in charge of your health - and be able to say no to more prescription drugs - then yes!

Functional medicine care takes a different approach to the body. Instead of focusing on the symptoms we start with a deeper level of testing using functional medicine labs (blood, urine, saliva, stool, etc) to better understand why your body is out of balance and what is needed to move it in the right direction. We work together to identify toxins that have accumulated, stressors of different types that are continuing to cause disruptions and nutritional deficiencies that need to be rebuilt. Using specific supplements, lifestyle modifications and nutritional strategies our goal is to restore health naturally and ensure you are in a place to keep your body well from there!

Feel better without more prescription drugs!

Make lasting progress restoring your health without waiting for answers.

Become confident in your health by learning how to keep yourself (and your family) well without being dependent on conventional medicine.

Dr. Matt has occasional openings for 1:1 client coaching. Please fill out the intake form below and someone will contact you to schedule your initial consultation or add you to the waiting list until space becomes available.

If you want to get well without drugs, if you are frustrated with symptom treating instead of problem solving, if you want to be educated so you are an active player in your own health then let's take a next step together!

Here's a recent review written by a (very kind) client who has been doing functional medicine care with me for several months now: "Dr. Matt is an extremely kind and caring doctor. I have unfortunately had to see so many doctors over the years because of health and auto immune conditions and Dr. Matt is hands down at the top of the list. He has taken so much time to look at the whole picture with me to get to the root cause of what is going on. He has me on an achievable plan and with each appointment we get closer and closer to what's going on. He is overall just a gem of a human and I couldn't recommend restoration wellness more!" - Kate

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