Guaranteed Weight Loss

You can lose at least 20 pounds in the next 40 days.

Our Custom Fat loss program offers guaranteed results or we stay with you at no extra cost until you get there.
Weight loss (fat loss) results based on your metabolism without:

  • Stepping a foot into the gym
  • Counting a single point
  • Eating an ounce of diet food
  • Feeling guilt or confusion
  • Starving yourself
  • Being told it's your fault
  • Risky weight loss procedures
  • Rebound weight gain
  • Weight loss drugs (and unwanted side-effects)
  • Hormone injections
  • Playing the calories-in calories-out game
  • Stressing yourself and your body more
  • Being able to eat out

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With Bonus Metabolic Assessment
($149 Value)

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Weight Loss Rochester NY Jeannie Testimonial

Jeannie Lost 25 Pounds On Our Program!
"I constantly boast about this incredible company. I so appreciate how helpful every staff member is, as well as the videos posted on Facebook. I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of this weight loss program. I feel incredible, look incredible, and my metabolic age went down 20 years to my current age. I never would have thought I was metabolically 81!! Thanks so much!!"

- Jeannie

Since 2015, the Custom Fat Loss system has helped our patients lose



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Weight Loss Rochester NY Before and After
Weight Loss Rochester NY Before and After

not your fault

We all have different body types. It's possible that weight gain may not be your fault.

Sugar Explained

Americans are consuming an average of 800 calories per day of solid fats and added sugars.

Save money

Let your wallet gain a little weight while you start transforming your life and your health. 

Are we right for you?

The Restoration Wellness Program is unique, safe, effective, proven, time-tested, and doctor-designed.

Individual Programs

We are all unique. Let's evaluate the typical approach and wisdom of the day in terms of weight loss.

Make the shift

Your weight loss goals that you set should be trackable, personal, and rewarding.