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Life often feels out of control - maybe now more than ever! When you feel the stress level build and never come back down we all know what happens next...any good nutritional habits you had go out the window. Bring on the comfort foods! If that results in unwanted weight gain your stress level can go up even more and the vicious cycle continues. Well nobody wants that, but it happens all too often and too easily!

What can make an incredible difference is someone who understands and can guide you to a better place. On that note - our Restoration Wellness team has some great news! We've put together something special to help you! We've taken the best parts of our unique approach to weight loss and created an all new way to get well and stay well - introducing our new monthly weight loss membership!

When you find yourself battling unwanted weight it can easily steal your joy, dramatically impact your quality of life, and harm your health. What's important to remember is there are reasons that need to be identified and corrected (hormones out of balance, toxins in the way, apparently healthy foods that are anything but what they appear). It's not a fair fight!!! That's why our team is here - we do the right testing to get you moving and re-testing to ensure your body and metabolism are healing as you lose fat - NOT just weight.

Introducing Our NEW Monthly Weight Loss Membership

We've taken all the best elements of our custom fat loss program and put them into a simple monthly membership designed to:

  • Support you during the process of restoring your metabolism. Moving you to a solid place nutritionally → using real foods that you buy and prepare yourself
  • Educate while you achieve your health and weight loss goals. We do this WITH you, not for you. Making sure you know how to lose weight, but also what the lifestyle looks like on the other side → learning what your body needs to live a metabolic life!
  • Empower you! We're here to help ensure you are confident and in control of your body and metabolism → stop the diet cycle for good.

Throughout each month you’ll receive:

  • Daily support from your personal coach via text/email - don't go it alone. We're with you every step of the way with support and advice.
  • (Optional) weekly in-office biometric re-assessment (body composition analysis). Weekly checks to know how you're progressing. Making a metabolic change is about much more than just what the scale shows says.
  • Personal coaching - (Bi-weekly) one-on-one (1:1) appointments in-office, via phone or video. You and your coach will take this time to answer questions, assess your progress more thoroughly and make adjustments as necessary to ensure the best results. This is an important time to learn the WHY and not just the what about changing your metabolism!
  • Doctor's grade supplementation (minimum of 3 supports) to assist with optimal metabolic change. Your initial metabolic testing will help determine what your body is lacking and what's holding you back from a healthy state of fat burning. Customized supplemental supports will help through this process of restoration.
  • 30-day days at a time (with automatic renewal)
    • What's the right place for you? 10 pounds to lose or 200 (or anywhere in between)? You can use our weight loss membership for as much or little time as needed to make the changes you want. Clients that follow their programs consistently lose between 2-4 pounds per week on average.
    • Progressive nutritional suggestions based on your progress and ultimate goals.
    • Bonus 2-week life transition included when you stop membership. This ensures a smooth transition to living well!
  • Resource journal to track daily progress, record foods & supplements, and as reference guide. "We are what we repeatedly do…" That's one of my favorite quotes. One of the most effective ways I've found to know if what you're doing is worth repeating is to track it!
  • Bonus - Monthly metabolic re-testing (scan) to ensure you're always using the best supports based on what your body needs now!

If you've used our program before or been on the fence about getting started! We've never had an option like this before!

Our promise(s) to you:

  • We will guide and support you every step of the way!
  • NO EXERCISE required! Our approach is about getting your body into a state of fat burning and doesn't try to force the body to lose weight by spending hours and hours sweating it out.
  • No Hunger or Cravings
    You'll be eating real foods you buy and prepare yourself as well as using Doctor's only supplements to support you. Seeing how good you can feel losing weight in a fat burning state is something you have to experience to believe!
  • No Drugs or Hormones - EVER!
    Making a healthy metabolic change is about moving your body back to balance, NOT manipulating it with synthetic or bio-identical hormones or medications.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
    We are a family owned company looking to make a difference one life at a time. Your trust matters to us and we work diligently to earn and keep it.

You can get started today, making the changes you want, rebuilding your metabolism, and reclaiming your life and health. Keep losing until you reach your goal or pause when you are feeling ready to celebrate your success to that point!



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