Obesity and Depression in Rochester

Obesity and Depression in Rochester NY

Weight Loss Rochester NY Depression

This is the Ugly Truth About Obesity and Depression in Rochester. Seasons change in Western New York. The leaves turn from summer green into a beautiful array of colors. Families are apple picking, going on hayrides, and taking in the last of the warmth before winter arrives. Autumn also means shorter days, less sunshine, and seasonal affective disorder, which can trigger depression.

Depression and Obesity in Rochester

At this time of year depression and its symptoms can also be triggered by what has not changed. If you haven’t lost the weight you wanted to and still remain obese, this can remind you that another year is almost over and you are still not where you want to be.

Obesity and depression often go hand in hand

In fact, while on the surface the two conditions appear to be very different, they share some important similarities. Both are chronic diseases that are difficult to treat, and they require long-term physical and mental health interventions. According to the CDC 43% of adults with depression were obese and women with depression were more likely to be obese than women without depression.

When depression and obesity occur at the same time

Treatment becomes even more complex. The two in tandem create a downward spiral of difficult but it is not impossible to get where you want to be!

At Custom Fat Loss

We use the latest scientific breakthroughs to determine what is causing your body to retain fat and how to best help you lose weight. Thousands of customers have reached their weight loss goals by assessing the needs of their individual bodies before they start a weight loss plan.

Once we assess the needs of the individual, we give them a plan to lose weight that is guaranteed to work based on their biochemistry. Additionally, we help hold each individual accountable to stay on the plan and reach his or her goals. This is not about pressure - the last thing someone dealing with depression needs is more shame.

If you want greater physical and mental health, contact the experts at Custom Fat Loss today to schedule a consultation.


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