Read This Before Trying the Balloon Treatment in Rochester

Read This Before Trying the Balloon Treatment In Rochester

Weight Loss Rochester NY Balloon Treatment

Losing weight can be incredibly difficult. Changing diet and exercise habits is difficult enough but you may also be fighting your body chemistry in the process. Being overweight comes with emotional, social, and physical challenges. If you’re tired of being overweight in Rochester, you may be willing to try anything.

One example of a new fad in weight loss treatments is intra-gastric balloon systems. With this weight-loss method, one or more saline-filled gastric balloons are placed inside your stomach for six months. The weight loss balloon takes up room in your stomach so there is less space for food and you feel full faster. To those of us frustrated with our weight, this sounds like an incredible, easy fix.

However, according to the FDA, five people who were using these treatments have died since 2016. As reported by NBC News, the five people died within a month or less of having the balloons inserted. Three died one to three days after the balloon placement. Although surgical or invasive procedures seem easy, they can often be dangerous and not fix the root issue.

At Custom Fat Loss, we take your health seriously. Because we know your body has a natural healing ability there is no reason to put your health at risk no matter how desperate the need to lose weight may seem.  

Our team takes the time and uses the best functional metabolic testing presently available to find the reason(s) your body is fighting weight loss. Instead of putting something artificial inside your body, we aim to identify the toxin, hormone imbalance, or trigger foods that are causing an imbalance in your body.

If you are tired of being overweight and want a proven local approach to trim down and get your body balanced, contact Restoration Wellness in Rochester today about your initial consultation.


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