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Why will our Custom Fat Loss Program make the difference for you when it can feel like nothing else has worked?

Because to lose weight in a healthy way (without waiting) you don't need more exercise, you don't need another (fad) diet, you don't need a weight loss prescription drug, you don't need more artificial 'diet food', you don't need hormone injections and you certainly don't need play the calories in calories out game.

What's missing is your metabolism…until we get your body and metabolism back to balance weight loss will remain a struggle and never allow you to live with the health, energy and balance you were designed to enjoy.

You can lose 20 or more pounds in just the next 40 days…how can I be sure about that (taking for granted that losing 20 pounds of unwanted fat would be a healthy change for you body)? Because over the past 10+ years we've seen patients lose well over 100,000 pounds (we're actually closing in on over 200K pounds lost).

Healthy weight loss results in a matter of weeks - not months. Without guessing, without guilt or confusion, without being told it's your fault, without risky weight loss procedures, without starving yourself, without sweating it out on the treadmill, without an ounce of prepackaged diet food, without injecting yourself with hormones, without prescription drugs and without the fear of rebound weight gain.

You can start losing fat with Dr. Matt today. Put in your request for an appointment with Dr. Matt below or call the office and schedule directly. All from the comfort and convenience and privacy of wherever you are located.


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