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Waiting To Lose Weight Rochester NY

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Why Are You Waiting to Lose Weight in Rochester? Excuses, excuses, excuses. We all make them in different areas of life. Excuses are a result of either justifying our lack of action to ourselves or because we actually don’t want to hit the goals we’ve said we do. Either way, it’s time to get real and be honest. Either get where you want to be or admit you don’t care.

Weight Loss Question in Rochester

Do YOU want to lose weight? If so, today is the day to stop making excuses. Here are a few we hear most often:

I don’t have time. Exercise and meal preparation takes the time that you don’t think you have. The real question is: what are you doing with your time? If you put 45 minutes to an hour every day for exercise and meal preparation, could you stick to it? If not, why?

I don’t have money. Gym memberships, fresh foods, and weight loss supplements cost money. If you’re living on a tight budget, it can sometimes feel like you don’t have money to spend. The reality is that you’re spending somewhere. Where else could you cut to help yourself get healthy?

I don’t know where to start. At Custom Fat Loss we hear this excuse a lot, which is why we exist. For those who have no idea how to most effectively start losing weight, we can help. At Custom Fat Loss, we use our unique system to provide a re-education of your body and brain. This clears a path for your metabolism to return to a proper state of fat burning balance. This scientifically proven method is not about diet fads or insane workout programs. It is about helping you determine an individual plan that will work to get your life back.

Are you ready to stop making excuses?

Let the experts at Custom Fat Loss help you with a weight loss consultation today!


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