weight loss challenge

Lose at least 20lb in 6 weeks and have a chance to win Cash prizes!

Our first-ever weight loss challenge will give you crazy value and amazing prize opportunities!

This 6 week challenge gets you access to our proven approach to (healthy) weight loss with some exciting additions and twists at almost 50% off!

Cash prizes based on complete participation (see details below) and based on percentage of body weight lost!!!

1st Place: $2,000

2nd Place: $750

3rd Place: $250

(**If you bring a friend make sure you mention - we're including a bonus $100 in-office credit for each of you for future services: red light body contour, softwave pain solutions or weight loss/wellness care)

Time to get serious because this is it. One week only for sign-ups. If you're getting this email I'm giving you a leg-up. This challenge will fill up fast. It's open to the first 25 people ONLY (yes that's less than I was originally hoping). So how do you know if this is right for you???

  • Are your serious about losing at least 20 pounds of (healthy) weight in 6 weeks
    • you'll have everything you need to make a serious change in your weight and health without waiting
  • Do you want to learn how keep the weight off not just do another 'diet'?
    • my team and I will be rotating daily in the FB group teaching keys for healthy results now and
  • Are you looking to lose weight without required exercise, weight loss drugs or injections of any kind?
    • weight loss drugs come with a laundry list of risks and side effects, exercise (calories in calories out) shouldn't be the reason you lose weight, and hormones or other injections are not an actual solution.


To qualify for the cash prizes:

  • Must have a Facebook account
    • if you're not on FB there's plenty of time to make an account and join the group we'll use during the challenge
  •  Do before and after photos in the office at the start of the program
    • we'll have a professional photo setup to make sure we document your transformation
  • Complete a written/video testimonial
    • we'll take care of the details and make it easy/no pressure. Most people don't like being on camera, but sharing your results sends such a powerful message to others who are struggling with their weight and need hope!
  • Come into the office for the initial body composition analysis and final body composition analysis at the end of the 6 weeks.
    • we will verify the winners based on percentage of body weight lost. This will keep the chances of winning as equal as possible regardless of how much weight you have to lose.
  • Lose at least 20 pounds during the 6 week challenge.
    • you're going to do amazing. Losing the weight is only the first step. We'll be working together weekly to make sure you're learning about your body and metabolism so you can confidently lose (healthy) weight now and keep it off (or lose more if that's your goal).
  • Our target start date is September 5th (Tuesday). You will need to return to office to officially check-in
    • we'll be using our medical grade body TANITA BCA (body composition analysis) for weight to ensure consistency and accuracy.
  • What's included?
    • Everything (less the food and water you drink) you need to be successful:
      • Daily journal (physical copy or digital copy - whatever you prefer)
      • Specifically selected (by Dr. Matt) weight loss supports to optimize results and support your metabolism
      • Daily connection with Dr. Matt and rotating staff (Monday-Friday): we'll join live daily to keep everyone focused, answer questions, learn key concepts to maximize results now, teach on how to live with a healthy metabolism (wellness). These will be available for playback if you cannot join live!
      • Daily text line: you'll communicate your weight (on your home scale daily) and have a coach available live to answer questions
      • Private Facebook Group during the challenge: we're excited to use this for the first time to celebrate results and learn together!

How to Reserve your spot: Call the office ASAP: First come first serve


This challenge will sell out (only 25 spots available - less than I initially hoped) and it's first come first serve. This will be open to new clients or prior/existing clients (**bonus - anyone who brings a friend to join...you'll both receive a $100 in-office credit for future services).

**This week is for you to reserve your spot only. There is no option to start early due to the nature of the challenge and the group components**

This will allow our team time to coordinate getting everyone the supplies they need and coordinating the details as we all get started the first full week of September (tentative date is Sept 5th due to the holiday).

**Cash prizes will (likely) be issued via prepaid gift card to vendor or your choice (amazon, walmart, etc).


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